The Birds and The Bees

Even though we’ve barely done anything with the garden yet, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the abundance of wildlife in the garden. Because the garden is walled, I haven’t seen any mammals (apart from the odd cat) but this has been beneficial in a way, and because of this the number of birds has been amazing.

Keeping the bird feeders well stocked has definitely helped bring the birds into the garden and keep them coming back day after day. I managed to get a massive bag of bird seed for £4 because it was ripped (12.5kg as well, bargain!) and  it’s a good job I did because they can get through a whole feeder in a day!


The window feeder has been slightly less successful, but we still get the occasional robin on there. It’s lovely when we sit inside by the window and you look up and see a robin, but they’re quite nervous and tend to fly away as soon as you move.

It’s always amusing to watch how territorial the robins can be. We have one robin that sits in exactly the same spot every day singing, woe betide any bird that tries to come into his space! We’ve only seen them on their own all winter and it’s only now that Spring is here that they’re pairing up and actually starting to be friendly to one another.

We get plenty of the bigger birds too, blackbirds, magpies and pigeons or doves (I learnt the other day that there is no distinction between the two, who knew?!). The pigeons are so much nicer than the London pigeons I’ve been used to seeing for all these years. They actually act like birds and just look so much healthier and wild. It’s amazing what a bit of fresh air can do, even for birds.

But the best birds we’ve seen in the garden so far, are the siskins. I’d never even heard of them until I saw them in the garden, and had to google ‘tiny green songbird’ to find out what they are! They’re such pretty birds, and you never seen one on their own which I think is very lovely, they stick together and look after each other.


The bees have started to make an appearance too in the past couple of weeks and seem quite abundant, despite the lack of flowers. Last weekend I noticed a bee on the floor which had stopped moving, so I took it over to some flowers so it could get some nectar.

It didn’t seem to be getting much out of the magnolia so I put it on the blossom instead and after an hour or so it flew away, I felt like I’d done my good deed for the day!

On a final note I’d like to share some pictures from our new gadget! We recently bought a Go Pro Hero 5 as a treat ahead of our upcoming holiday, and have been testing it out in the garden. We set it up on the bird feeder and to remotely take some pictures, and this is what we managed to get:

Not bad eh?! With practice they’ll get better, but it’s great to be able to take photos from this close!