Lots of WonderfulNess

Sad as this is, my own garden has been getting me down. Progress is slow, very slow, and last weekend I felt like I needed to get away from it for a day and get some inspiration from elsewhere.

So I decided to go to Ness Gardens, a botanic gardens that is run by the University of Liverpool and located on the Wirral. Ness Gardens is a place I used to go to as a child, and can remember spending hours and hours rolling along the giant hill and onto the azalea walk. Unfortunately the hill is long gone, but the azalea walk is very much still there and the middle of May is the perfect time to see it in all it’s glory.



I absolutely fell in love with the orange azaleas. I’ve looked in a couple of garden centres since and can’t find one, but I definitely need one in my garden.

One thing I noticed was that everything seemed so much further ahead than the plants in my garden. My sweet peas are just starting to grow up their frame and my alliums could  be described as foliage at best, but the specimens on display at Ness were in full swing for the summer.

Other highlights for me included this wonderful wisteria arch, which is something that I would love to incorporate into my garden. I’m tempted to try and grow one up the house, much like Adam Frost has shown on his new house on Gardener’s World.


Finally I’m going to save my favourite plant of the day until last, which by coincidence, I bought last week to plant in my own garden. The plant is ceanothus, and I love the density of the deep blue flowers that it gives at this time of year. It’s absolutely stunning and as an added bonus, the bees love it too!

Ness Gardens is a wonderful day out and I would recommend it to anyone.

Time to get progressing on my own garden this weekend!



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