Amazing Plants from Costa Rica – Part 1

I haven’t posted in a while, and my garden hasn’t progressed at all, oops! But that’s because I’ve been in Costa Rica! Wow, what a place, I’ve had the most incredible time and feel very lucky to have been. Costa Rica is known for its biodiversity and it’s amazing range of animals but I was equally fascinated by the plants that were there. So this post (with a second part to follow) includes my favourite plants from my trip and how they have inspired me for my garden.

1. Hibiscus

There were hibiscus plants everywhere in Costa Rica and they’re just stunning. I love the first picture on the left above with its beautiful feathery petals. After having read about them it sounds like they can be grown in the UK either indoors or outside but brought in for the winter so I isn’t have to get one now to remind me of the trip.

2. Orchids


Well this orchid in particular, it looks like a fancy daffodil! Orchids were everywhere and grew so well outside, which as a Brit was a bizarre concept!

3. Variegated leaves

I’m not normally one for foliage but these leaves are just stunning. These plants definitely have inspired me to think more about using pretty leaves in my own garden instead of just for using on the flowers.

4. Cacao

Who doesn’t love chocolate?! We went to a cacao plantation to learn how chocolate is made and saw the plant in real life. The white fruit in the picture comes out of the pod and the seed inside is where the chocolate comes from, bizarrely the flowers grow out of the trunk! Tasting everything was fun too!

5. Bougainvillea


I know bougainvilleas can be found in most warm countries but I’ll lever tire of seeing the density of the hot pink flowers (well technically leaves but you get the idea!). I’d love to grow one in my new greenhouse, I might try and get one at the flower shows next month.

6. Air Plants


I’ve had an air plant for a while now and they fascinate me, so seeing them growing in the wild was bizarre! There were trees where every visible branch was covered in air plants. This picture isn’t the best but hopefully you can see the roots dangling down and a few air plants in the branches too, and they were huge!

7. Red-Bark Palm


I don’t know the technical term for this palm but I do know that it’s beautiful, just look at the stems! Again I doubt this will grow in my garden but I’d love to find a plant or tree that had stems as stunning as this, the deep red contrasting with the green is an effect I’d love to have in the garden.

This would be a very long post if I posted everything I wanted to in one go, so I’ll do another post with some more plants from Costa Rica that inspired me.









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