Camellia Problems

I love camellias. My mum still has a gorgeous camellia in her garden which we affectionately call ‘the Jennifer tree’, which has been flowering profusely every year since I was born. The site of a spectacular camellia can’t be beaten really, everywhere I go lately I’m pointing at them in people’s front gardens and saying how wonderful they look.

So it was with great delight I realised we had a camellia by the front door of our new house, welcoming us at the the entrance. I was excited to see what the flower would be like, and in the end it was a simple yet beautiful, pure white flower with the most amazing yellow stamens at the centre.

The picture above was actually taken at the end of January and it still hasn’t finished flowering yet! This particular flower is on the wall as you can see, and I think perhaps got a bit excited about the extra heat it was getting from the house.

Despite my success at the back of the garden with camellias, I have had problems at the back. We have inherited another camellia with the  house that is on the North-East facing wall, and it hasn’t had any buds from which to flower at all. The foliage actually looks really healthy, but whilst the camellia in the front of the house has flowered and currently has lots of new growth on, the back garden version has stayed stagnant.

Google has suggested a number of reasons for this. The spot is currently full shade (though some pruning of a tree close to it might make this partial shade) which I doubt has helped matters. The other culprit is if it has got too dry in the previous summer, but I find that unlikely. It might be that I have to move it into a sunnier spot, but I will continue to work think about this one.

My other problem is with my new camellia that I purchased at the Knutsford Makers Market last summer. It’s a gorgeous camellia, with double flowers in shades of pink and white in a raspberry ripple effect. Unfortunately I’ve kept it in its pot since I bought it because I didn’t have the garden ready, and in the past week this has happened to the buds:

I have two potential culprits here, but if any readers have any ideas I’d love to know them too. Aside from yesterday, it’s been exceptionally dry lately and I could have taken my eye off the ball will watering. Alternatively there might have been a slight overnight frost which has just caught the petals. Either way I took my eye off the ball, I really hope it recovers! 


EDIT: By pure conincidence, Gardener’s World posted this video on Why there are no flowers on my camellia at the exact same time I wrote this post, so at least that answers some of my questions! 


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