Sweet Sweet Peas

With all the landscaping going on in the garden, it’s easy to forget about the plants! I have sown some seeds (which have taken over the house until I get a greenhouse!) and one of the flowers I’m most excited about are the sweet peas. I’ve down two different varieties: Sweet Pea Heirloom Mix and Sweet Pea Stripe Mix, both of which seem to be fragrant and delicate, everything a sweet pea should be.

I initially planted the sweet peas in compartmented seed trays and then potted them onto small pots, but I’ve since learnt that toilet rolls are a good option for planting sweet peas so the long roots can establish. I’ve also since learn you should soak the seeds overnight, but mine seem to be getting on ok with my amateur methods. I tried to give them straws to grow up, but as you can see they’re a bit past this now and need planting up.

I decided to plant them in pots because our garden just isn’t ready for them to go in the ground yet unfortunately, and train them up a wigwam that I wanted to make. So it was off to the garden centre for plant pots and willow canes. Hopefully as time goes on I’ll have these things just in the shed, but because I’m so new to gardening I don’t have all the supplies yet!

I’ve gently tied all the sweet peas to the stakes with string to encourage them to climb without damaging them. I’m hoping they have enough space as they are but time will tell.

I’m not sure wher I’ll put them yet but hopefully you’ll agree they look quite nice! I’ll be interested to see which variety works the best. Hopefully later in the summer I’ll be able to post pictures of the pots in full bloom.



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