Welcome to The Garden

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Jen and I live in Cheshire. I just bought my first house with my boyfriend Carl and finally have realised my dream of having a garden, so I thought it might be nice to document what I do with the it over the coming year. I’ve got an awful lot to learn, but am keen so we’ll see how far that gets me!

This is our garden:


It’s about 5mx15m and walled all the way around with a patio area next to the house. We live in a Victorian house so the wall surrounding the garden backs out onto the old alleyway. I don’t think the previous owners of the house were too into their gardening, the borders have lost their definition and the grass is thin in places but it’s a good blank canvas to work from.


The left hand border, looking a bit scruffy!


The right hand border, with our first addition to the garden: bird boxes!

At first glance the soil seems quite good, and we face South-East which gives us sun for most of the day. I’m hoping this combined with the walls will give us a micro-climate and we can grow some lovely fruit and veg. We have an apple and a pear tree which are well established so I’m hopeful fruit trees should do well.

One problem we’re going to have to face though is the tree stumps, we’ve got lots! This is the worst offender:


We also have a dead tree and at least three or four other stumps to deal with, I think we might have to get the professionals in to deal with those! For the time being though the first thing I need is a plan, so will sort that for next time.




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